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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Queen for a Day

One of the disadvantages to having triplets is that you often feel as though you are being pulled in three directions - literally. DH and I have always tried to give the kids time to themselves - one-on-one time with either parent, time to do their own thing, or time to just do what they want without the input of the others. It's hard to achieve - for a while there DH was giving their kids their very own "Daddy Day" on a Sunday. A good idea quickly became a bad idea - it was costing a fortune, as the kids would milk their Daddy Day for all it was worth. They wanted movies, amusement parks, museums, lunch out, treats...often all of the above on the same day. Not cheap! Then they started to compare what they had done with one another - and demand the exact same treatment - so there are some movies DH has seen three times! I occasionally work on a Saturday, which meant that we never had family time as DH was on parent duty one weekend day, and me the other. In any case we had to call an end to the plan for the time being. For now, we look for more meaningful ways to indulge them, and we do it less often to make it worth more.

Today DD2 and I took the day off (me from work, she from the rigors of kindergarten) to attend a performance of The Australian Ballet. It's something she has wanted to do for a long time, since she herself has been in ballet for almost three years now. After much procrastinating on my part, this, it would seem, is how a queen lives!

To be a queen, you must start your morning with a proper breakfast. Hot chocolate (4 marshmallows) and a just-warmed fresh croissant with strawberry jam. Note the bag in the background which is carrying all your most precious posessions, from McDonald's toys to magic rings to hi-bounce balls. All totally necessary for an outing to the ballet, darling:

Then you take a carriage (okay, suburban train) into the city, while enjoying a spot of morning tea (part two of the croissant.):

While you patiently wait for the show, lounge gracefully in the foyer of The State Theatre (best to take your royal subject, "ballet bunny" along as well):

Upon entering the theatre and walking towards your seat (front row, dead centre, natch), you see this, and immediately fall over in shock (literally, tripped over a stair) The falling over should be done gracefully, and then you should shout, "MOM! THOSE ARE REAL BALLERINAS!!!!":

...and THIS should be the look on your face when you realise that you not only understand what "arabesque" means, but you can do one too. Keep this look on your face ALL DAY, and make your Mum's (the Queen Mum) heart swell. Yes, that's pink eyeshadow on one eye - a Queen should always do her make-up before stepping out, and should not notice when one rubs one entire eye's worth off on her Mum's sleeve.

I'm not sure what god was playing at when he gave me a girly, dress and skirt wearing, make-up loving, all singing, all dancing, fashionista drama queen whose life plans include growing up to be a REAL ballerina and oh yeah running the whole world while looking gorgeous... but I'm glad he did.


Patricia Scarpin said...

M., your posts are just beautiful. FYI, I've become a huge fan - what a lovely day you had with your princess/ballerina!

She's just adorable. And I would love that breakfast, too. ;)

Sorry to ask, but how old is she?

Poppets mum said...

Your lucky DD2 can't read yet. If Poppet saw that you described her as being in kindergarten when she was already in Prep - I wouldn't hear the end of it!!! Do you know if they do this all year? I might consider taking Poppet to this later in the year. Do they have one for funk dancing?

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Patricia -

As for being a fan, the feeling is mutual. One of these days I'm going to get to bake those dulce de leche rolls! Thanks for the lovely comments - she (and her siblings) turned 6 recently. :) In this case it's 6 going on 16!

- M

Poppet's Mum:

Kindergarten = Prep ...I'm being kind to the Americans. Yes, they do it several times a year - go to the Australian Ballet website and click on "education" to see the programs they have suitable for younger audiences. No, they don't do funk - it's all about classical ballet.

-- M