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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Vagaries of War

Last night Jewel and I went to see the movie "Waltz With Bashir." Given my cultural background, I wasn't all that enthusiastic to see it...who needs yet another reminder of the atrocities of a war-torn Israel?

Against my better judgement I went to see it. I walked in that movie theatre thanking my lucky stars that it only lasted 90 minutes, and hoping like hell it would be over quickly. I walked out of that theatre in shock and awe of the most thought-provoking and harrowing 90 minutes of my life.

If you are someone who believes war is the answer, go see this movie.

If you are someone who believes there must be an answer other than war, go see this movie.

If you see no other movie this year, go see this one.


Jewel said...

I am so glad I saw it you! Been telling everyone about it at work today. xx

Jewel said...

whoops, missed out on the 'with' in my previous first sentence. just proves i am terrible at leaving comments!