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Monday, May 11, 2009

Worky Worky Mummy Mummy

So it's been 10 days since I entered the wonderful world of people who moonlight. Does anyone still use that word - moonlight? Seems so arcane given that in this shit economy everyone is working multiple jobs or angles in order to get the bills paid. So it's been ten days of working for me and working for them, and I thought I'd update the 3 of you reading this blog.

This whole 'working two gigs' thing has it's positives and negatives. The positives are of course the money, the opportunity to cook good food again, the challenge of constantly coming up with new dishes, the excitement and rush which cooking professionally gives me and of course the bonus of getting to show off a bit (why, yes, I DO know how to make 20 different products in just under 7 hours. Who's a clever girl then?)

The negatives are getting up when it's still dark, always feeling like I smell like roasted pumpkin even when I don't, realising how hard I work for how little actual money, and trying to find enough hours in the week for all the things which demand my attention.

Still, I think I'm ahead of the game in so far as I'm managing to keep my head above water, and this is a good thing. Of course, finding out this afternoon that I had an order for 100 cupcakes (plus all the aforementioned cakes and blah-di-blah) kinda threw a minor spanner in the works, but I'm nothing if not resourceful. For example, this Thursday my parents arrive for a visit.

My Mom, who is quite capable of ruining a box cake mix...and my Dad, who as we all know thinks that baking is just a ridiculous thing for people to do at all.

Well, I'm hoping they're fast learners on the ol' piping bag.

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