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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This I Know For Certain

I owe my kids and my readers the official triplets birthday post... which, while their birthday was last Sunday, will surely get published by next Sunday. My parents have arrived Down Under and enjoying their company has proved more compelling than blogging, but I figure you all might like some sort of update on my ever so fascinating life.

DS went and had the jillion dollar testing....and loved it so much he keeps begging me to go back and see the lady again. He wants to go every week (!) because it was fun and interesting and he loved it and "OH MUM IT WAS GREAT!!" At $500 a pop, he's going to need to find a cheaper play date partner. When I picked him up from the testing,I found him doing the high school level testing... for fun. Oy. Interestingly I was telling my Dad about this whole palaver and he tells me that his childhood was filled with much the same behaviour. Apparently a teacher noticed this and took steps to keep my Dad occupied, and to this day he is grateful because he says that without intervention, he too would have ended up in Juvey. Lovely. "Sorry, Mrs Boring Teacher! He's not throwing fruit out of boredom, it's genetics!"

I was actually happy with the finished product birthday cakes (and yes, I'll post pics for your viewing pleasure soon enough.)

I'm enjoying the moonlighting gig... my first pay check came through and there was celebrating all around (probably including at the bank's mortgage centre, too). The only part I'm not enjoying is the psycho Head Chef (and aren't they all psycho?) who decides when she is going to show up and when not, and in between has crises of self esteem which I need to manage. Oy! And they wonder why the hospitality industry has such a high turn over rate!

DH is also enjoying his new job ... but he has yet to convince them to let him take the dog to work. It's only a matter of time, me thinks.

...and the new stainless steel benches? I think I'm in love!

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Chelley said...

hehe you are very funny!! I really enjoy reading your blog!

When will you hear how the testing has gone?

YAY For pay chegues!! We are waiting on Al's first one and I tell you there will be some very happy bank people when it comes in!

Very happy to know that you are going well at your JOB and that you havent blown anything up!!