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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Fell For It

Recently DS has been really into reading non-fiction books and sharing endless facts about things I could care less about. How many rings around Saturn, which country has the most stars on it's flag, the height of the pyramids, the distance a roll of toilet paper can be unrolled to and so on and so forth. Because I am a fairly lazy parent, I only ever really listen with half an ear when he shouts, "MUM?!?! MUM!?!? Did you KNOW that the Mars Rover can move at a speed of [insert complex number]? Isn't that COOL??"

Or "Mum? MUM!! Which planet has a storm which has been raging for thousands of years?" "Ummm... dunno... Uranus? Ha ha, I just said Uranus!" "MUM! That isn't funny. It's Jupiter." (me, feeling lame), "Oh. Okay. Umm... cool."

Anyway his annoying factoids have been going on for weeks and weeks now. I'm trying to be tolerant - because I am proud of his interest in this stuff - but you know, the endless, "MUM? MUM?!?! MMMMUUUMMMM?!?!" kinda gets on my nerves, particularly when I am a) on the toilet, b) on the phone or c) trying to send email or d) doing essential things like reading trashy chick-lit novels.

At dinner the other night, DS turns to me and says (in the same "did you know?" voice he's adopted for his fact-sharing) "MUM? Do you know why igloos are always round?" So, voice heavy with exhaustion and weariness over his now-not-cute habit, I say, "No, Jules. I DON'T know why igloos are always round." (Mental note: Nor do I give a shit.)

...and that kid looks at me, smiles this enormous grin and says, "Igloos are round... so that penguins can't hide in the corners!"

Damn kid. He got me!!

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Matthew (It sucks you live in Australia) said...

Awesome joke, your blog puts smiles on people's faces.