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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Assume The Worst

The other day I got a phone call from the kids' school. Like most of these calls, the first question out of my mouth is, "Are my kids still alive?" - at the same time as the caller is saying, "Don't worry, the children are fine!"

This phone call was actually to tell me that DS had won an award for excellence in mathematics - which of course proves two things: 1) That he and I are not genetically related, and 2) That even those who are a pain in the proverbial arse can shine, when placed in the right environment.

The sad thing is, when I get theses sorts of phone calls, I assume the worst. Not that all three of my kids had fallen off the monkey bars simultaneously and we had 6 broken arms to deal with, but that the caller was going to tell me my kid(s) was in some sort of behavioral trouble. I guess all that trouble we had last year made a lasting impression on me - because I find myself mentally cringing a bit when they call, and then exhaling when I find out the reason for the call is not at all bad. 

All year I've had phone calls from school (for as much money as we pay SSOTH, it works out to like $2450 per call or thereabouts) - and except for maybe one, all of them have been for great reasons. DS is doing well in math, DD1 is doing well in science, DD2 is progressing well with Hebrew, or whatever - mostly the calls have been for good - no, great -  things. I've had lots and lots of great phone calls and only one which gave me pause (DS had a minor hiccup which has since been swiftly and lovingly resolved, which is how most issues with kids should be resolved, IMHO).

At some point, I'm sure I'll get over it. Fact is, I KNOW I'm raising kids who are not only capable and independent, but also kids who are brimming with personality - personalities which will on some occasion get them into trouble (the personality gene also comes with the big mouth gene) but will mostly serve them well as they grow into young adulthood. I should believe in them more, I really should.

Or maybe....I should just encourage them to spend more time on the monkey bars.

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