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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why I Love My Job

We already know I love my job, but here are some lesser-known reasons why:

  1. No other job needs you to Google pictures of Gerard Butler, and then decide which photos are 'not hot enough,' thus forcing you to keep looking for more of them until you find the one which makes all the girls go, "pphhhwwwooooaaaarrrr!! Yes! Pick that one!"
  2. Free chocolate all damn day. (Yes, Biz Guy, I know it's not technically free, but it's FREE, okay?")
  3. There is a 7-11 literally around the corner, and I own the only business I know of which has an official "Is it Slurpee O'Clock?" afternoon break most days of the week.
  4. People nearly never come to me for sad occasions, and this suits my Tigger-esque nature. Cakes for funerals and divorces are purchased at el cheapo cake shops. Thank god for that, I'm not sure I could handle people coming to me for depressing reasons. I think even Eeyore would be happier if he stuffed his face with ganache once in a while.
  5. My left brain and right brain are equally at home in my work kitchen. Every day I'm forced to be creative and yet logical - often while working on a single order, and often simultaneously!
  6. Everyone else thinks I have the coolest job ever. They're right, I do.
  7. There is a dishwasher which can wash dishes faster, cheaper, and better than any human I know, AND it's even as environmentally friendly as it's possible for one of these things to be. I think someday I shall marry it, although I have already expressed my undying love to it.
  8. I get to buy all sorts of crazy cool stuff - funky ribbons, baubles (*swoon*, I said baubles!), blingy buckles, figurines, feathers, interesting stationary, sparkly stuff, things which light up...the shopping aspect of this job is AWESOME.
  9. Did I mention the free chocolate?
  10. I don't need an excuse to watch all those cake shows on TV. It's research, people, research.

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