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Saturday, November 12, 2011

How Does She Do It?

The age old question of how the superwomen of the world do it can be answered very simply: they are all ducks. On the surface of the water - gliding serenely past, with hardly a ripple to mar the beautiful reflective surface. Underneath the water - paddling like hell just to keep moving forward.

Women lie - sometimes by omission, sometimes not - about almost everything when they are talking to other women. Childbirth was a breeze (hell, getting pregnant was easy as anything), recovering from a c-section is no big deal, losing that last 10 kilos wasn't so hard, we're having sex every damn day and it's always inventive and exciting and thrilling, the kids are never grumpy, the siblings never fight, you will feel a sudden rush of undying love for the wrinkly bloody package which comes out of your hoo-hah the minute you hold it, all husbands help with the dishes, your tits are as perky as they ever were, you're totally fulfilled by your job, you love going to playgroup because the mothers there are so nice...and so on and so forth.

The woman who has it all DOES NOT have it all, she just lies about it because she thinks that's what other women want to hear, or she thinks that's what they expect to hear from her.

Here's the thing, women - there are life experiences which for some woman are truly great, and for others truly shithouse. Which one of those experiences you're going to have will depend on a) the circumstances, b) how good you are at dealing with things, and c) the luck of the draw, because shit happens and it happens to YOU and your friends.

In my work kitchen, when things get a little hairy (and boy-howdy do they get hairy sometimes), we have an expression - "Less talking, more working!" or more accurately, "Less bitching, more piping!"  I think the same expression can apply to women's lives. If we spent less time lying to other women about stuff, and more time supporting one another and just being honest about it...I think we'd find that the 'superwoman' myth would die a rather quick (and hopefully extremely painful) death.

It's about time we let that bitch die.


Jewel said...

Couldn't age more!!! We are our own worst enemies xx

kazari said...

I read an article once about a woman exec (maybe the senior buyer for Myers? I can't remember). She said she could be a good mother, a good executive and a good wife... but never all in the same day.