I'm trying to keep my business, my triplets, and my waistline under control. I excel at one of those, fail at another one of those, and one is a work in progress. Which is which is day dependant.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

A bit of fun for a Wednesday!!

This video clip made me laugh - and it will for you to, especially if you are a child of the 80's and can remember looking as ridiculous as this guy does. The beauty of it is, at the time we had no idea how foolish we looked. Also I think this comedian is my newest crush - isn't he just cute, in a starving comedian dorky middle aged sort of way? I'm only posting something cute and funny because I'm celebrating my new job today! I start in two weeks...and among other things, I won't need to be up at 3m anymore! Decent hours, decent pay, and uniforms provided - plus free French lessons from the Executive Pastry Chef. Vive la difference!

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