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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Rolling with the punches

Just when you think you have it all figured out...a quiet Wednesday afternoon, next-to-last culinary school assignment nearly done, after school snacks in your handbag, popping into the car to get going to get the kids, 80's music on the radio, meat ready to cook when you bring the trio home, cute new pink hoodie jumper on....you're feeling pretty damn fabulous and proud of yourself. You get to kinder, strolling in, whistling as you go (reallly, I was!) and then...your whole world comes crashing down with a simple conversation:

"Why is DS's eye so red?"

"It wasn't that red 20 minutes ago..."

Thus ensued the world's quickest-but-legal dash to the doc, who said, quick, dash to the chemist to solve this case of conjunctivitis (pink eye for you Americanos out there), stop dashing long enough to whip DD#2 into the house and out again for the toilet break she failed to take 5 minutes earlier when I asked if anyone had to go (Never trust the "NO MAMA" answer...), then dash her back to the car and to the chemist, get the prescription filled, realise its way too late to cook dinner, dash across the road for some quasi Japanese take out (read: sushi hand rolls and honey chicken), dash home to get the dinner down everyone's throats (although vast majority of hand rolls sucked down kids' mouths while in car before we get home), frantically wave at DH as he walks in the door, sit everyone down and feed the hungry horde, whip an eye drop into DS's eye, get everyone into their (brand new and totally cute flannel) PJ's, get teeth srcubbed and wee breaks done, read 3 stories, call DH up to read his part of the 3,447 stories we read every night...and then dash downstairs to print culinary school homework for tomorrow, make lunches, and figure out how DS will cope with me at school all day since kinder doesn't take pink eye kids (as it should be, it's contagious.)


I'm bored.

I think I might find something to do now.

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