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Friday, June 30, 2006

Think Global, Bake Local

Okay so I knew there was something behind that whole Nestle ad which I liked. They've now come out with version two! You can read the entirety of the first one here. If I ever meet this copyrighter, I'm going to give them a big giant squishy HUG. This whole concept just totally rocks. It's so in tune with everything I believe, culinarily speaking and on a social awareness/responsibility level. I have often commited Random Acts of Sweetness, and while I know Nestle is known for doing nasty things in Third World Countries with baby formula, you have to applaud their efforts for campaigns like this one. Incidentally, at the website you can read all about the campaign, enter into their contest, bake their recipes, etc etc etc. Seriously, this is just TOO cool. Pity it's a giant multinational corporation, who stand to make gajillions from the sale of their chocolate products sold as a result of my shamelessly plugging them, but you know what? Who cares! I say YAY THEM. Go on, go bake something! (Baking, seriously, is the cheapest, yummiest, and most rewarding form of therapy there is, without the social stigma of having to say, "Yeah, well, I talked to my therapist about that.") Plus while there *is* a buzzer at the 45 minute mark, it's not to kick you out of the kitchen. It's just to tell you your luscious sweeties are ready for eating. You can't beat that...especially when you consider *just* how many bags of chocolate chips you could buy to cover just one measly three-quarters-of-an-hour with some famous therapist whose couch is uncomfortable anyway!

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