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Sunday, September 17, 2006

100 Things Revisited

I've previously discussed the 100 Things phenomenon and how annoying I find it. I also haven't been able to figure out why people do this, until recently when I was told that it's to 'celebrate' your 100th post on a blog. Now that this has a reason, I feel I can be nicer to the whole concept. My 100th post was the joke (which is damn funny) below. Technically this is my 101st post - so to celebrate that, and still hold true to my "I hate these boring 100 things lists," I'm giving you less than 100 things you may not know or realise about emzeegee:

  1. I can be incredibly self-destructive, especially when it comes to food. This is by far my worst personality trait. Even worse than my big mouth and my inability to believe in my skills.
  2. I only ever wear white socks. Coloured socks annoy me, and if I wear them, I'll find them vaguely uncomfortable all day long.
  3. I worry a lot that DH will die before I do, and lately I worry he will die suddenly. I actually think about it in detail - what would I do about my job? My home? Would the kids and I move out of our home, this country? How would I cope without him? If he's 5 minutes late home, I start to feel real anxiety about it, and I have to force myself not to call him and see where he is. Attached to this is my worry that perhaps I love and depend on DH a little too much.
  4. As much as I adore what I do for a living, my favourite foods to eat are bland, simple, and total comfort food. Someday if I get interviewed about this, I'm going to have to lie because the foods I like are bread, rice, and ice cream. Note the complete lack of anything fancy in that list. Very uncool for a chef not to want to be on a desert island with something like foie gras or persimmons or extra virgin olive oil.
  5. I am afraid of my children's teenage years. They are already opinionated, loud, sometimes irritating, and smarter than I am. Another 8 years of time for them to hone these skills? I've got no chance.
  6. I hate admitting that DH and I needed IVF to have our kids and will avoid saying so unless someone asks me directly. I'm grateful beyond words, but it's a reminder that I failed at something.
  7. This list is far darker and honest than I intended it to be. Rather than worry about that, I'm typing this with an overwhelming sense of pride. Not to be worrying about something is nice.
  8. I have actually thrown a party where nobody came - actually two parties. In the first case every single person who was invited couldn't make it (so we cancelled the event) and in the second case we changed the date (and had a smashing time).
  9. This week in the kinder playground a kid came up to be, squeezed my boobs with both his hands, and said, "My mummy's titties are nicer than yours." and walked away. I'm still wondering if I should share that little tit-bit (pun intended) with the mother.
  10. It terrifys me that my children will be fat.
So there you have it. Not so much of a celebration...maybe we needed more balloons?!?!

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Weinraub Family said...

Alot of your fears I share too, especially about Dh dying. Oh and how the kids will be at teenagers...ugg I don't even want to think about that.

Congrats on the 100th post