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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quality, not Quantity

Ages and ages ago I told you guys about the falling out I had with XABF. Thet experience has just proven that when it comes to friends, it's all about quality and not quantity. I haven't got gobs and gobs and gobs of friends - but the ones I do have are all keepers, and they are all the kinds of friends you REALLY need in your life. I am fiercely, fiercely loyal - the protective Mama Lion you don't want to piss off - when it comes to my friends. I'll fuckin' walk through a snowstorm in my bare feet, having not eaten for 4 days, and wearing only a "Frankie Says Relax" T-shirt - if a friend needs me to. (Although I should hope none of my friends need me THAT much...not eating for 4 days? OMG.) Recently some friends of mine have done and said things which just make me adore them all the more....

  • Dr J called and wished me a "Happy Anniversary Implantation Day" on Rosh Hashana because he remembered that 6 years ago, it was on RH that I "brought home" the embryos which would become our children
  • Poppet's Mom laughed (and wasn't offended) when I said she and I could get a bulk discount on ADHD drugs, if it turns out our hellian children really are devils in disguise
  • 007 said (and meant) that she was thrilled to get 'good luck' hugs from my girls right before she got up and sang in front of 65 billion people
  • Dani is saving the environment by buying up trees here.
  • Louisa-Lou recently told me that she misses the tradition of Fat Thursday, which in Louisa-Lou speak really means she misses me. :)
  • Little Jessie is driving from BFE to come and babysit the kids for me, in the middle of the week, and she'll refuse to take any money for it. She just does it because "it's fun" and she is in love with DS. She is, clearly, either very generous of heart or very insane of mind. Possibly both.
See what I mean? These are the kinds of people you need in your life. The ones who say and do funny things, the ones you can call and hash over Grey's Anatomy with, the ones you can just call and say a whole lotta nothing to, the ones who are just, well, there. They don't mind if you don't call all that reguarly - you just pick up where you left off. They don't mind if you respond late to emails, get a dodgy haircut, tell stupid jokes, or say you need to lose weight as you eat a giant ice cream cone and then suggest a snack of schnitzel. As I've gotten older I've gone through a process of friend culling - where the ones who annoyed me, weren't there for me, or were really just acquantainces who I didn't like all that much - all got the proverbial flick. What I'm left with is a group of fabulous people who I would do that whole walking-through-snow-while-starving thing for. They are people who are sooooo worth it.

NB: It's a day for birthdays! Happy Birthday to the best DH in the world, the best Uncle in the world (and BIL to me), and the second best pastry chef I know (Louisa Lou)!


Poppets mum said...

YAY - I got a mention - and right back at ya babe!!!!

Weinraub Family said...

What a great post (I had a minute to catch up).

You don't need many friends, just a couple of high quality ones and you are set for life.