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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Foodie Meme

Mellie over at Tummy Rumbles tagged me for this foodie meme. Basically it's like a challenge list which someone fills out (via a blog post, usually) and then they 'tag' or challenge, other bloggers to answer the same meme. The one she tagged me for is "Five Things to Eat Before You Die." This originally came from The Traveller's Lunchbox, and you can read loads of other blogger's "5 things" lists here.

Anyway, in no specific order, here are the five things I think people should eat before they die (and I already have!) :

  1. A mango on a stick at La Bufadora in Ensenada, Mexico, like this guy is eating. This isn't a restaurant, it's a famous ocean blow hole. To get there you need to sit for a long time in a cramped car with your family, down twisty, spew-inducing roads (not all of which are sealed roads). Once you get there it's a long walk down a hill to see it. Along the path of the hill are people selling all sorts of random shit you don't want. What you DO want, though, is to buy a GIANT mango, speared on a stick and with 'fans' carved out of it - to eat on your way down the hill. I promise it will be the juiciest, scrummiest, most fabulous mango you will ever eat. You will not even notice the long walk down - and when you get to the blow hole, you'll say to yourself, "Bugger the hole, this freakin' mango ROCKS."
  2. A grilled cheese sandwich - made with: cheap white bread, tons of butter, and crappy American cheese. The catch? It needs to be made in a frying pan. Not in a fancy cheese press, not under a grill, but literally fried in butter in a frying pan, on both sides. You must also eat it while it's hot and gooey and melting.
  3. S'mores - Take one or two BIG, decent quality marshmallows. Spear them on the end of a stick (or in my house, an untwined coathanger) and burn your 'shmallows until they are covered in carcinogens (eg pretty damn black) and pure toffee in the middle. Stick them on top of 4 squares of Hershey's (or any decent milk chocolate, really) and sandwich between 2 squares of graham crackers. Smoosh it all together. I picked this one because it's an amalgamation of my 3 favourite sweet flavours - chocolate, 'shmallows, and sweet biscuits.
  4. Pickles in Germany - Several markets in Germany have a 'pickle man' who sells enormous pickles from giant barrels. All kinds of flavours, shapes and sizes -from spicy to sweet, tiny to giant. The ones I'm thinking of were in Nuremburg, but any decent pickle from the country (and sold as described above) will do.
  5. A 'distance' meal - one of my 'hobbies' is travelling a long distance/time just to eat a meal. It makes no difference if the meal is any good, just that you had to go a long way to eat it, ON PURPOSE. So for example - I've been to Milan only for dinner, Tasmania only for lunch, Wyoming only for dinner...etc. In all these cases I was coming from a reasonable distance, and just thought, "Hey, we should go to far away place for lunch!" It always, always makes for a memorable meal and an even better story.
Thanks for the tagging, Mel! Compiling this list was loads of fun (and took a few days!). Since I only know one other 'foodie' who hasn't done this yet, I'm only tagging:
Anyone want to add their list but not have a blog? Hit the comment button on the bottom right of this post.

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mellie said...

Hiya Emzee!

I loved reading your list. I am so glad you ran so wonderfully with the tag.

Unfortunately I am salivating all over my keyboard just thinking about grilled cheese. Thankfully a very good Canadian friend showed me the light in regards to the fry pan method. I shall not walk the path of the electric sandwich press again!