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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

May they SIP

SIP = Swim In Peace

This blogger notes with some sadness the sudden departure of our dear family members: Googly Eyes, Lippy, Mr Head Bone, Silver & Gold, and Goldy. Googly Eyes died a few days ago, and the rest died today in a mass grave, suctioned around the bottom of the filter thing-a-majig. I'm not exactly sure WHY they died, but I'm guessing it's because I finally got around to cleaning the aquarium out, and the clear water stressed them out. Watching three kids run around (and minus the sound protection which an inch of algae creates) stresses ME out, so I can only imagine what it did to 5 beautiful fish. Clearly it was all too much for them to take.

May they SIP. We loved them for the 3 short months they lived on this earth ... when we remembered to feed them, that is.

(and may the new inhabitants, which I intend to buy later this week, be inscribed in the Book Of Life this Saturday ... or at least, let them last longer than a miserable 3 months.) Sheesh. They don't make goldfish like they used to.

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Weinraub Family said...

Sorry to hear about your fish.
I can manage to keep dogs alive, but not fish or plants...mainly because the dogs DEMAND food and attention (and at 90 pounds each I mean really demand) so they never starve.
Fish and plants on the other hand, they are not loud enough to survive in our family.
Seriously though, although fish are pretty to look at, aren't they better on a plate? LOL