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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Selfish Glutton

I ate all the strawberries. The whole punnet. BEFORE my kids or DH even knew they existed...and I don't feel guilty about it. Once a week we get a delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables. It's a mystery box - we just pay X amount and then we get a box or two filled with gorgeous fresh produce. I just opened this week's box and found, right on top, a punnet of strawberries. I don't normally buy them because they're expensive, and they don't really come into their own until summertime anyway. I do LOVE them though. Seeing that punnet of strawberries just reminded me that summer is coming to Australia, and I LOVE summer here.

I love that it doesn't get dark until late, so you have more time to spend with your family after work, or the sunshine fools you into believing you do. I love that I can justify drinking a Slurpee nearly every day. I love that back-from-the-pool feeling of satisfaction and excitement. I love the sound of flip-flops walking down the street. I love sunny days and sitting on the beach doing nothing at all. I HATE when it gets really really hot, but then I love being able to complain about it while sitting RIGHT in front of a fan. I love eating summer food of salad and BBQ everything. I love that we entertain a lot more in the summer, in the form of spontaneous dinners with friends and their sandy, sun kissed kids. I love wearing my Birkenstocks, no matter how dorky they are. I love grapes and stone fruit and berries, all which come into season in the summertime. I love popsicles (especially cola flavour, with 'red' a close second.) I love my kids wearing flowy summer dresses, or in DS's case, board shorts. I love that I swap mugs of hot tea for glasses of iced tea.

Those strawberries meant just one thing:

Summer. Is. Coming.

So I ate the entire punnet, by myself, thinking of summer when I'm going to buy these things by the case load. I might share them then. In the meantime I ate my strawberries in blessed peace and with a head full of summer thoughts. Not a bad way to spend a morning.

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