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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Conversations with a snester

My snester (that's sister to you) and I seem to only have conversations in strange public places. The thing is, between us we have 6 kids, 4 jobs (at least), 2 homes, 5 fish, 1 cat, and a whole lot of shit to do. We probably also have about 150 pounds of excess weight, but that's another post. Since she is so busy and I am so busy, time for phone calls is sadly not something we really have. Our conversations usually are ten minutes of either her or me talking, and then some kid or husband demanding attention. End of conversation. Or she is so busy relaying messages from everyone else ("Mum says to call her") that we don't really talk about anything at all. Sometimes they're even shorter than that, especially if one of us messed up the time zones (again) and woke the other one up, in which case the conversation goes like this: (S = Snester)

DH: Hello? Oh hi, yeah, hang on, she's sleeping.
Me: *groggy* Hello? Whaaa...?
S: *accusing tone* What are you doing asleep? It's like only midnight. Or is it 2 am? I don't know, I always forget about the stupid time zone thing.
Me: It's 4 am. I'm sleeping. What do you want? Who died?
S: No one died, I just wanted to tell you (insert 5-10 minutes of conversation) but you're asleep, so I'll call you later. Don't be cheap, you can call ME later.
Me: Okay. Sure. I'm not cheap. Bye.
Me: *asleep*
This conversation is always the same, only sometimes it's my sister who is asleep, and it's HER poor DH who answers the phone.

Neither of us has time for lengthy emails, either, so those are also less than 10 lines. What we DO have, though, is an uncanny ability to have long, detailed, in depth conversations...in strange places. At odd times. When I was MEGA pregnant with the kids, my sister called me while I was in the toilet at KMart. I sat there, peeing, mega pregnant, and just chatted away. Actually I must have spent a lot of time at KMart because she did that more than once. I've had long conversations with her while I'm waiting in line at banks, at shopping malls, waiting for job interviews to start, picking the kids up, etc. You name it, we've chatted there. We somehow never manage to connect when I am at home and she is at home. Thank god for cell phones. Today, for example. I decided I needed to call my sister (who was supposed to call me first, the cheapo, but whatever). I called as I wandered into Toys R' Us. The conversation got so long and drawn out that I walked OUT of Toys R' Us (which should be called Toys Ain't Us because they never have what I want.) I sat down on the nearest bench and then chatted away to my sister for 45 minutes. It's probably one of the best conversations we've had in several months. It's taken several years of growing up (on both our parts) and lots of kids, but my sister and I now get along great. We can make each other laugh and make each other cry tears of hysterics - both of which get me very strange looks in Kmart toilets and shopping malls. That, combined with the rapid-fire English/Hebrew/Pig Latin language we move in and out of during the course of one conversation.

I miss my sister very, very much - but I'm glad we have these crazy conversations, even if they are less frequent then I'd like. Next time I miss her, I'm going to walk out of the house, keys in hand. DH is going to want to know where I'm going and I'm just going to say, "To the mall. I gotta call my snester."
If you're reading this, Olika, just wanted you to know how much I love and miss you. And that fuckin' toy store didn't have the stupid pirate game. ..but the dumbass 12 year old on the customer service counter assured me that 120 of them are on order. Yeah, like that helps. I also had a CB&TL Ice Blended Mocha in your honour. *smooch*

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mich,

Craig is on the treadmill-he left me a messy kitchen to deal with (the ass.)Emily and Zoz are in bed, and Heather is studying. So, I'm home, it's quiet, and I'm ready for another chat. Then again...that wouldn't be as much fun. I'll be at Lazer Tag tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. Call me then, it's a perfect time, and we can scream on the phone to eachother over the ring-ring, ding, lazer blasts, and screeches of about 300 noisy kids. It meets the criteria for another convo. Hey, at least it's not a bathroom. MYAS(super)T LYAS(super)T I still hate that you live in f-ing Australia.

Your snester