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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Moving On

Those of you who know me IRL know that several months ago I lost my best friend. No, not literally, and NO, not THE BEST FRIEND, but my best friend here in Australia. It's a very long story, but suffice it to say I have no intention of ever seeing her again. Yes, I was sad, and yes I grieved, and yes, there were several months there where I felt there was a giant, Australian-best-friend shaped hole in my heart. However, as a result of the things she said during a failed reconciliation, I got over it quick smart. I haven't really thought much about her since then, until this past weekend. I took DD#2 out somewhere and ran into ex-Australian Best Friend's (XABF) Mum. Now it should be said that XABF's Mum is a really nice lady and I like her a lot. It should also be said that I don't know how much the Mum knows about XABF and I's colossal falling out. Anyway in chatting to the Mum (who assured me that XABF can "see the light") I realised something. I realised that another sad part about losing an ABF is that you lose many of the people around them who are pretty cool. There are a number of people who XABF knew, who she introduced me to, who were nice, funny, charming humans. The relationship never really progressed beyond that - meeting at mutual ABF's house - but I kinda want to know what happened to some of these people. The Mum told me that one of them had gotten engaged. I'd like to email that person and say, "Hey! I heard the news! Congrats!" but the reality is that doing that would be ultra, ultra wierd. I just can't. I only know this person via XABF, we have no other connection. Since XABF is no longer in my life, ergo I can't get in touch with that engaged person. Sorta like A=B and B=C but in this case A doesn't equal C, or rather a can't equal C due to the lack of B. Are you with me on this?!?

Other than realising that there are some potentially nice people who I won't ever get to know better (and realising on some level this is not exactly a huge loss), I also confirmed for myself that I really am over XABF. It was nice to see her Mum, nice to catch up, nice to reminisce about the friendship XABF and I had, but also equally nice to know I have a life filled with wonderful friendships and I don't really need XABF as much as I once did. That, in itself, made the chance encounter worth it.

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea who you're talking about but think I have some idea how you feel...