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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I wish I had a video camera

I wish I had a video camera following my life all the time, 24/7. This is for several reasons:

1. So that I can prove that the crazy shit which happens to me really does happen to me. Like the watermelon on the tram story, or the people on trains story, or the story about....

2. So that I can keep copies and one day show them to my kids when they complain about their kids doing stuff they don't like. "You think potty training ONE measly kid is hard?" Watch THIS!
{cue video of 3 kids and 1 Mum stuffed into tiny upstairs toilet singing songs and desperate mum getting leg cramps and her butt going to sleep. Tiled floors are COLD.}

3. So that I could record and someday re-watch my PPM's. PPM is a "Perfect Parenting Moment" - a time when nobody is tired, sick, hungry, irritatble, sad, whining or complaining or saying "Muuuum" with more U's than should be legal. These are moments when we are all just plain happy, content, and doing something funny or silly or plain ol' calm. Tonight, for example. DD2 was practicing her ballet (wearing purple sweat pants and a pathetic old plastic hula skirt as a boob tube), DD1 was practicing her ballet (wearing sparkley gold jellies, a too small pink fairy skirt, a too small pink Tinkerbell shirt and a pink pointed renaissance style princess hat). DH was on the couch (wearing a sparkly blue fairy skirt as a hat, a la court jester) watching the show, DS was also on the couch watching the show (wearing a yellow and purple fairy skirt as a hat...the apple does not fall far, does it?) and then there was me. Sitting there in normal clothes, with a big smile one. Life, in that moment, could not get any better than it was. Truly.

4. So that I can have my own cooking show on a daily basis. I'm good, people, I'm really good!

So what do with think? Big Brother, Michelle Style. I like it.

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