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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why I Love My Son - Some Conversations

My son, DS, looks very much like DH's side of the family - with the notable exception of his grey/blue eyes, which are mine, all mine. However, in personality DS is very much like me - stubborn, clever, witty, and often quick with a one liner. Here are a few recent examples of conversations DS and I have had:

DS: Mum, what are 10 babies at once called?
Me: Ummm, I think dectuplets?
DS: Oh. Well, what are 11 babies called?
Me: I don't know but that's a heck of a lot of babies!
DS: (laughing his head off) I think they're called "a heck of a lot-tuplets!"

This next one is a case of "if you can't beat 'em"...DS knew he wouldn't win this round. DS and DD#2 were fighting recently, about something inane (so what else is new?!) I walked in to the room, giant Oscars smile plastered on:

Me: I *love* it when you guys fight!
DS: No you don't!!!!
Me (still sweetness and light): So why are you doing it then?
DS: *dumbfounded* Ummmm....*thinks* That is SO not fair Mum.
Needless to say, the fight ended right then and there.

The Name Game: You know that 70's song where you say someone's name and rhyme it? Like this - if your name was Anne - Anne Anne Bo Ban, Banana Fanna Fo Fan, Me Mi Mo Man, Anne. So I've taught the kids to sing it, and this one is DS's favourite:

"Mum Mum Bo Bum. HA! I just said BUM, your song has BUM in it! Okay I'm going to try again. Mum Mum Bo Bum. I said bum AGAIN!! Your Name Game is too funny, I can't do it without laughing." (This will then keep him amused for several minutes as he 'tries' to sing the Mum Name Game.) For the record, here it is in it's entirety: Mum Mum Bo Bum (sorry I can't type the rest without laughing. Let me try again.) Mum Mum bo Bum...oh forget it!

DS's real name is Julian, but I often call him Juliano (Jew-lee-ah-no) - and I even use a vague Spanish/Italian accent. Actually I have TONS of nicknames for him - spewlian, droolian, moolian, soolian...you get the idea. So this is a typical exchange:

Me (in all seriousness) : I love you Juliano.
DS (equally serious) : I love you too Mumiano.

You just gotta love this kid!


Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Julian sounds like a very cool, very funny kid. I can't do the name game w/ Mom, either. Or Mum. That's even worse.

I knew a guy in school whose last name was Buckster and we called him "Buck" for short. I got in big trouble the one time I played the name with his name, while in 5th grade. That was the end of that.

Poppets mum said...

Can I say that I love your DS too??!!! Just hearing about him and his funny one liners reminds me of all the funny things he has said in my presence (whether intended or unintentional) and, let's face it, he is the only other male apart from my husband who has told me he likes my breasts (because they make good pillows).