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Friday, August 18, 2006

1. Write blog entry. 2. Pack bags

Someone who eats MnMs the way I do (see below) is clearly a highly organised person (either that or in need of some serious therapy...) Not only am I organised, but I like to know what happens next. This is true in all situations for me - work, home, play - uncertainty makes me crazy. Spontenaity to me is literally painful. I like to assess, and re-assess, and check and make sure everything is on track. As a result I am never late, am horrendously logical and methodical (useful given my profession. First butter THEN eggs...), can't stand 'grey' areas or philosophical discussions and in general am a very cut and dried person. I'm bad at small talk or shooting the breeze, I just get to the point and move on. I don't call a spade a spade, I call a spade a dirty shovel. Anyway so one of the mainfestations of my organised self is my somewhat obsessive list making. I make lists about literally everything - shopping lists, activity lists, 'things to do' lists, lists of things I would like to achieve, lists ABOUT the lists I need to make, lists of who has called, lists of the ingredients I need...you get the idea.

There are two reasons for my list making:

1. I ALWAYS know what needs to be done next (or done at all. Lists are not always written in order of importance.)

2. The orgasmically good sensation of crossing things off of a list. I am very goals oriented - remember? Scary over achiever girl, that's me. So finishing off a list is an achievement (which I can then add to my "things I've achieved" list.)

As we all now know, the kids, DH and I are headed off for a week-long tropical holiday TOMORROW. This would normally require:

1. A packing list for the kids
2. A packing list for me (DH can do his own damn list, thank you.)
3. A list of stuff not to forget (sunscreen, cameras, phone numbers I might need...)
4. A list of things to do in the morning before we leave (lock door, check answering machine, feed fish...)
5. A list of stuff which I need to do upon our return home (call in our veg order, call work and check my shifts)

So as you can see, something major like a holiday requires a fair bit of planning. However here it is, almost 7pm on Friday night, and I have not made a single list for this holiday. I did put that action on a list - as in, this week's 'to do' list says 'make packing list' on it. We are leaving at 7am tomorrow morning. I have no list. I have no packing done. I have in fact done zero preparation for this vacation, short of buying the kids some summery clothes and chucked some of their stuff on the spare bed. That's it.

Clearly, my brain is already on vacation.

Until next week.

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Weinraub Family said...

My hubby is a MAJOR list maker too. We actually are taking a vacation down your way next month. He has list after list on what needs to be done before we go, what to take, etc...but not ONE list about what the kids are going to need. That is up to me.

Have a great vacation. Enjoy it.

LMAO to your M&M's