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Monday, August 25, 2008

The apple doesn't fall far...

Recently the kids were asking me all about death and dying, in specific all about what it meant to write a will. I was explaining that DH & I had written our wills before the children were born, and while there was provision for children, we really need to write them again to reflect our family as it is now. They wanted to know all the finer details of will writing, and what specifically DH and I had put in ours. I have to say the discussion really revealed their true personalities. DD1 started to sniffle and whine, "But I don't want you and Daddy to DIE!" and DD2 wanted to know, "So what did you leave me?" but DS? Well, DS started to cry. Really and truly tears...and when I asked him why, he said:

'Because, if I was born when you wrote your will, I would have asked you to leave me all your cookbooks!"

Ahhh, boy after my own heart. He only stopped crying when I promised that in our new wills, NO MATTER WHAT, he gets all the cookbooks. ALL of them. "Remeber what I said, Mum? ALL of them. Even the crappy ones you don't like! Don't leave one single one out!"

Now there's a boy who knows were real value lies.


ramona said...

awww, how sweet! And him saying "even the crappy ones you don't like" made me LOL!

Annie Welch said...

Leave him the cookbooks with one provision.....that he promises to go to college and not become a professional cook! Hobby only!!! We all want the best for our kids, and we know that a life in the food business isn't it!!!

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

No kidding Annie! Long hours, crappy pay...let's hope it stays a hobby! :)