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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I crumble for you

A couple of nights ago DH and I caught an old episode of a UK show called "Friends for Dinner." The basic idea of it is that some famous chef shows up at your house, gives you their cookbook, and gets you to cook a meal for your friends. They help you with dessert and then leave you to it. You get their phone number, so you can call them in a panic (which of course you do, because, sheesh, if *I* had Nigella's number I'd be ringing her just because I could.) Of course you also happen to ring them right when they are in the middle of service in their restaurant. So then - surprise! - you serve up a perfect dinner for your guests and guess who! comes over for coffees at the end.

It's a great example of how the British can make a food show based on almost nothing interesting and yet it's totally riveting. So on comes this episode which features Jamie Oliver - back when he was cute and baby faced and all full of pukka and love - and I tell DH that I've seen this episode about 5 times. So much so that I vaguely recall writing the dessert recipe on the back of an envelope somewhere.

The next night we had the IL's over and the boys of the household were on dessert duty. Of course, Jamie and his berry crumble sprang to mind...and out comes the binder which has said envelope-scribbled recipe on it. A freezerful of berries, a splash of balsamic, and away we go. I will say this crumble is fairly tart in nature, so if you prefer it sweeter, chuck in a bit more sugar. An easy, simple, delicious dessert, easily made by one engineer and one enthusiastic helper.

Jamie Oliver is on telly making Berry Crumble

Mixed berries (approx 1 punnet or 150g per person)
1 1/2 T balsamic vinegar
1 T vanilla sugar
2 T water
Chopped fresh mint
250g butter, softened
500g flour
200g vanilla sugar
pinch of salt

Mix the berries with the vinegar, sugar, water and mint. Set aside to mascerate while you make the crumble mix. Tip the remaining ingredients into a bowl and, using your finger tips, crumble into fine breadcrumb consistency. Divide the berry mixture into separate remekins, filling quite high. Pile the crumble mixture on top into a small volcano. Bake at 200C for 30-35 minutes or until browned and crisp on top.

Note: The crumble mixture above makes enough for about 12 individual serves. If you only want to make 6, halve the crumble recipe but leave the berry amounts as is.

Serve with ridiculous amounts of cream and/or ice cream.



matthew said...

Hey Michelley Junk,

Isn't Mini-Me wearing my shirt?
Is he obsessed with the (not so new now) shipment of "Maffew" clothes?
Just wondering...

emzeegee & the hungry three said...


Yes, he's wearing your shirt...pretty much ALL he wears are ex-Matthew clothes. He totally loves them and gets annoyed if I buy him "new" stuff because he says he has enough "Maffew clothes." :) Keep 'em coming.