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Monday, August 25, 2008

I *heart* cakes

Some recent creations to come from the Three Sweeties kitchen...

These are really simple but I really like them. Something about them screams "art deco" to me...

Not exactly my most difficult decorating job, but I just love how SpongeBob and Patrick look as though they are on top of a wave. Funnily enough my Mom and siblings adore SB. In Spanish his name is (supposedly) "Bob Esponja" (no idea if I spelled that right.) As I was making these, I found myself talking to myself in a ridiculous Spanish accent. "Hokay, so I feneesh de two Bob Esponjas, now I gonna' do deh Petreck..."

These are totally nothing special, other than I like the shade of purple I got.

This was the set up for a "shabby chic" wedding I did in early August. I love this photo - something about the angle and the mirror make me think it looks like it came from a magazine. As a point of interest, all these products were gluten free.

A recent cake for a friend's Dad - who has wanted a fish tank his whole life but whose wife refuses to let him have one. The fish, plants, gravel, etc are all edible, and actually on all sides of this cake. See that dark fish on the bottom left corner? The rest of his body is actually stuck on the side so it looks like he is swimming around to the front. For those with good eyesight, can you see that I've even got breathing bubbles on there? (and on top as well!)

This cake was for a wedding - it's about 12-15 kilos in weight because that's masses of fruit cake in there, more than a litre of rum, and a shit lot of marzipan as well. I think the cream coloured icing marries well (pun intended) with the colour of the material used. The material covering the board and around the cake is actually material used in her dress. The middle band is inspired by her dress, which you can see here:

I added some pearl studs to it, just to add a bit of interest and make it a bit easier to pull apart when it came to cake cutting time. I love how you can see the waves in the background of that photo ... just kinda adds to it all for me.

Coming up in the next few weeks are endless cupcakes, pirate ships, a High School Musical cake, and a grand piano! I've got loads of cake adventures coming my way - which is exactly how I like it. Opinions, comments and suggestions all welcome.

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Stef said...

That fish tank cake is AMAZING!! I love it! It's so creative!