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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Head Syndrome

Recently someone posted a photo of me on facebook. This is remarkable for a couple of reasons - one, that I let a photo of me be taken in the first place, and two, that I saw it on facebook even though it was not tagged to me. (Sidenote, it was a pic taken at that conference I went to. And the sad thing is, I'm not linked in that photo probably because they don't know my name. Guess not being tagged is the 2nd silver lining of that day.)

Anyway I noticed three things about that photo. One, that I was having a bad hair day (and my hair is another post for another day.) Two, that I looked pretty cute in that dress I was wearing - which is good because it's new and I like it. Three, that I suddenly appear to have Little Head Syndrome.

There is a saying that women lose weight from the head down, but gain weight from the feet up. So when you pack on a few kilos, it goes straight to your ass and is shown last in your face. When you start eating carrot sticks again, your face begins to look gaunt long before your ass does. Looking at this photo, I am now of the opinion that no truer words were spoken. In the last year and a bit, I've lost a lot of weight (and nope, that's NOT a post for another day.) So looking at this photo, I'm thinking...holy mazoly...my head is now totally too small for my body, and THIS IS BAD. I'm totally suffering from little head syndrome - which, truth be brutally told, is something I have laughed at in other people. There is even a teacher at the kids school who I secretly refer to as "Teacher Little Head" because she too suffers from this problem. It's the total opposite of that Hollywood syndrome of Lollipop Head where your head is giant and your ass is tiny.

The question I have is this - other than lose more weight so I'm more in proportion (and yes, I am heading that way), - what the HECK am I supposed to do about this in the meantime?? I'm pretty sure having a big ego does not ACTUALLY give you a big head so that option is out. I don't have enough hair to be rocking any 'big hair' hair styles. I don't do hats. So - what now? Do I just keep trying to remain behind the camera until I get back into proportion, or do I start to wear large scarves to distract from my head issue?

May this be my biggest problem in life. A serious case of LHS.


adele said...

I've never heard that saying before, but replace "ass" with "abdomen" and that makes perfect sense to me. I can reach a point where my collarbones are perfectly outlined, but I'll still be carrying plenty of belly fat.

Scarves are a good distraction. So are big dramatic handbags and big dramatic costume jewelry. The problem is, unless you really have a strong sense of style, the effect can backfire and be worse than LHS.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Bwahaha Adele - I totally agree with you on the collarbone front. Today I told someone I'm a size 8 from the collarbones up, but a size #%&$*&$ below there. I totally have rockin' collarbones. Sadly they do not require any clothes, otherwise I'd be out there buying them something fun and flirty. :) I could probably carry off the whole big jewellery thing - but I am so lacking in style, I'm guaranteed to bugger it up fabulously (although maybe that it itself is a 'look'??)

...and as for handbags...I've had the same one for 5 years. I think when it comes to fashion I'm a walking epic fail. Maybe I'd better go back to the gym instead!


Jewel said...

I have this too. And a Chinese intern (abt size 4) told me blatantly at work the other day that I was lucky to have a skinny face to distract from my fat thighs. Gotta love the honesty. :))))

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Bwahahahaha, that has got to go down in the history books as the most back stabbing compliment EVER. Love it.