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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things You Probably Already Knew

1. Not enough the dance lessons are costing me $360 per term (and this does not include the shoes, leotard, make-up and so on), but then if I want to actually see my little ballerina perform what she's learned, that's another hundred bucks. Seriously?! I want my kid to be marginally more coordinated than I am (not hard, I can fall over while standing still.) But for this privilege, you pay, and pay, and pay. I'm thinking it would be cheaper to stand her on a bar and shoot bullets at her feet. (...and possibly more entertaining, since I don't have to sit and suffer through OPK dancing as well.) (OPK = Other People's Kids)

2. Sometimes I read blogs which are all about being kind and grateful and living authentically and seeing the beauty in the everyday, and I think: just fuck off with that grateful crap.

3. I don't find it at all odd that of the 60+ blogs listed in my Google Reader, approximately 49% of those are about gaining weight (pastry, cake, dessert oriented ones) and the other 49% are about losing weight. 2% are about stupid stuff like photo bombs. A girl has to be well rounded you know! (Pun gleefully intended.)

4. I don't think Glee is appropriate for kids under the age of about 14. Call me prude, but the things in that show are not what I want my kids exposed to before they really need to be. Your kid likes singing and dancing? It's called High School Musical, and it's probably playing on the Disney Channel in some country somewhere right now. If not, it's called a DVD player. Glee is not for kids. Sometimes it's okay if grown ups are having fun without their dependants.

5. I am currently reading a novel which is set in present-day Melbourne. Among other things the main characters (all suburban parents) seem to indulge in rather a lot of extra-marital affairs, cocaine, marijuana and other stuff which is not-so-suburban (or maybe it is). According to The Neighbour's Wife, this stuff is all around me all the time - I'm just in the wrong 'group' to be exposed to it at all. I also recently read an article which said that 30-something mothers are the current highest consumers recreational drugs. I'm not sure if I feel that I've missed out on the party, or damn grateful I'm a big ol' nerd. I'm leaning towards thinking being a nerd is the new black.


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

1) I avoid this pain (overexposure to OPK performing) because Amelia loves doing Taekwondo, and was never interested in dance. Michaela might just be another story, but at the moment we are doing Mums and Tots tennis!

2) this is like the way I read unclutterer.

3) My blog falls into none of these catagories ;-)

4)Until now, I have not been home on "Glee night" (Quilting guild is on Thursdays) so I have never really watched it, but my 10 year old and i like the 1st album.

5) I'm guessing you're reading The Slap? I didn't really relate to it at all, but then I am, and always have been, a big old nerd too.

kazari said...

I just finished reading that book!
and the quote on the back said something about an authentic portrayal of Australia's new middle class... it made me laugh, cos I've clearly not done enough drugs to be considered middle class.
would love to know what you think of the book - i think it must be awesome, because i found it unputdownable even though didn't like any of the characters. i just can't decide if i enjoyed it or not.

adele said...

There is a big-name food blogger who is very big on being grateful for life and seeing the beauty in the everyday. She is an excellent writer. I only check her blog about twice a year because her cheerful perky attitude is unbearable in bigger doses.

Danielle said...

Thank you for making me snort out loud when I read number 2.
P.S.... I couldn't agree more.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Hi All,

Yes, the book I refer to is "The Slap"..and like you Kazari I found it quite un-put-downable, but somehow I didn't really like the characters very much! Even more interesting is that I had almost no sympathy for any of them, either - not the mother of the slapped kid, not the vet...I just didn't really sympathise at all. And yet - the story really drew me in, although I will say it did become less engaging once the court case was over with. And I thought the couple moving away was a very strange ending. On the whole the book was kinda ABOUT the slap but then not at all. Definitely a book worth reading but not one I would say with any conviction that I either loved it or loathed it. I will say it made me think.

And adele...too much perky attitude is just tiresome. Which is why I aim for real life and sarcasm in equal measures around here!