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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Only 10 Days Left

Dear most patient readers of mine,

There are 10 days left of NaBloPoMo, and frankly, I'm running out of ideas here! Mostly stuff just kind of rolls off the top of my head - but being as grumpy as I am at the moment, good blogging ideas are a bit thin on the ground at the moment. It will make me even more grumpy if I have to give up NaBloPoMo for reasons of lack of interesting content (I mean, I could just write, "This space intentionally left blank." for 10 days, but that's not doing anybody any favours, is it?)

So. There are 10 days left, excluding this non-post I only need to come up with 9 ideas for topics. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write me a blogging prompt. Not a topic per se, but a one line (or one phase) string which I can use as the start of a blog topic.

The ones which will not be used:

If I was on a desert island...
If I could invite anyone to dinner...
My 3 favourite books are...

Or anything else boring and hackneyed. To make this more challenging (for me), I'll even accept a list of words which you want to see appear in a blog post. So, go ahead and write a list (5-10 words or less) of words which you think I won't be able to make fit together in the context of a blog post. The challenge for me is to make them not only fit, but make sense.

Go on, help a girl out here! Only 10 days to go and no way will I give up now.


kazari said...

okay, here's a writing prompt from uni which never fails to work for me.

think back to childhood. think of five other kids' mums. now pick one, and tell us all your memories of how crazy weird their mum was. (especially compared to your very normal family)

doesn't work for you?
kyran at planting dandelions is asking for stories about how your life cracked, and let the light in.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

To give my kids a taste of freedom and independence, I.........

adele said...

If I could go back ten years in time and have a chat with my past self, I'd tell her...

Danielle said...

It has taken me over 24 hours to think of something. I believe I am slipping. Ok, in my blog post, I want it started with
"My mother-in-law is the most awesome person in the world because...
And the rest of that sentence can NOT be "because she gave birth to my husband"
I also want in the SAME blog post the sentence "two gay men in bed together".
Think you can do it?

Jen Jen Qld said...

* Hairspray as an effective foot hygiene product.

* The myriad of uses around the home of vegemite

* Vegemite is my favourite food of all time

*Justify owning matching snake skin shoes, belt, bag and purse when you own and love 8 (as your adored family pets) live snakes.

*knee high stocking is a mandatory part of my summer wardrobe, along with sandals and shorts.

*clocks are evil

*How you used the opposing psychological views of Jung and Freud to influence people into having cupcakes which you know they don’t want, ie spam , caviar or boot polish icing on fish, vegemite or pot roast cake bases.

*Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is the new centre of my world, and I moving the family and business there asap....cupcakes for all Brisbane bloggers!

*Why can’t the paparazzi leave me alone?

MB. said...

If it isn't too difficult for you, tell us about a special time you shared with your Dad, and why it was special to you.

If that is too heavy, tell us about your favorite restaurant in Australia, in the US and your idea of the perfect getaway weekend (no holds barred but spare us the details of DH's banging skills. Please. :-P