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Friday, July 14, 2006

100 Things

So I've been looking at other blogs (when one has all this free time, one has to use it in some meaningful way, right?). Lots of them seem to have this '100 Things' list, which is just a big ol' boring list of stuff which is supposedly interesting about the people who write the blogs. You know what? I don't really want to know 100 things about ANYONE. Those lists lose me around the #23 mark....when the person writing them kinda lost the plot about it (and got bored themselves) and they resorted to things like "No. 28: In the morning, I always put my left sock on before my right sock. No. 29: After my socks I put my pants on, one leg at a time." Give me a break. Why is this stuff interesting?! However, in the interest of getting to know your friendly neighbourhood blogger, here are some (less than 100) interesting (well, okay, interesting to me, possibly boring to you) facts about emzeegee:

  1. I nearly never laugh out loud. If I read comics in newspapers, a funny book, see a live comedy show, watch a sitcom on TV...I don't laugh out loud. I might find something funny, but it's funny in my head and nowhere else. The only times I really laugh out loud are when I'm in active conversation with someone and they say something funny. I hate going to comedy shows because there is this expectation that you will laugh out loud. I don't DO out loud laughing, guffawing, chortling, or any other laughing synonym good vocab word you can think of.
  2. I don't like children. There are a very, very small number of kids who I actually like and can interact with. I'm not a natural mother (actually work hard at being "maternal"), I have never ever felt 'clucky', I don't ooh and aah over babies, and I don't find conversation with a nine year old stimulating. I adore my kids, and with them I get along and interact and blah blah....but overall, kids kinda annoy me. The list of kids I like is pretty well limited to my kids, my sister's kids (because they are frickin' cool) and a child of a friend of mine (who is so scary mature it's like talking to an adult anyway.) I'm nice to other kids, but I don't fawn over them. I just don't do fawning. Strangely when I tell this to people who know me they think I'm kidding. I'm not, so please keep your snot nosed kid away from me. Thanks.
  3. I harbour feelings of self-doubt and a constant worry that I am not doing enough, achieving enough, earning enough, and in general doubt my skills. Again, this is one of those strange things which people who know me don't believe. Outwardly I am one of the most confident, self-assured, and frankly self-centered, arrogant people you would ever meet. The reality of it is I need constant reassurance that a) I'm not crap at being a Mum, b) not crap at being a pastry chef, c) not crap at being a daughter/DIL/sister/friend/wife d) not crap at giving of my time or skills to worth causes and e) just plain old not crap. Ask DH. He'll tell you how much time he spends telling me I'm not crap.
  4. I worry that if I keep posting about such serious stuff, all my loyal readers will stop reading this blog. (So I promise to be funny again, truly I do... *grin*)
  5. I really, really hate wearing bras which are any colour other than white. In a pinch I'll wear 'nude' coloured ones, but it makes me feel kinda wierd all day.
So there you have it. Five fascinating, insightful things about myself for you to enjoy. For those following the job saga, I'm employed! I've got a great job with a shmancy catering company, working casually for them doing both general chefing and pastry chefing. I've decided to do the chefing course now since it's very part-time and basically, gives me yet more marketable skills. Besides which I actually do want to know how to bone a fish properly and how to make a kick-ass bechamel. So yours truly will be qualified as both a pastry chef (which will be my first love) and a commercial cookery chef. Yay me! Being casual this new job will work around my school hours and pay a ridiculous amount of money, plus give me experience in both areas. Win-win situation really. As for the single parenting - the squids and I are doing great - better than I expected. We all miss DH, but they and I are getting along with a minimum of whining on their part (and mine.) We're nearly halfway through our time without him, and thus far it's been smooth sailing (missing cheese sandwich being the one exception.) What can I say, I guess there must be a maternal bone in my body somewhere.


Poppets mum said...

Is my poppet the "mature" kid you like or is it just wishful thinking on my part????

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Goes without saying, really...how many other kids do you know who I tolerate for more than an hour, *and* who are five-going-on-thirty???


Stephie Says..... said...

It is really good that you admit to your faults....You go girl! Keep up the INTERESTING posts b/c I agree if you put your left sock on over your right no pleasure reading for me lol ....I like to hear the umph! lol

Anonymous said...

YAY on the job fronT

doe said...

Excellent on the job sitch, Em, means you took *my* suggestion... ;-)

FWIW, I find you fascinating, serious or not... now, could you please make a LOW CARB coconut macaroon?