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Monday, July 24, 2006

Tastes Like Chick-en!!

Sometimes kids just say and do things which make you laugh so hard, you pee your pants (an unfortunate side effect of carrying them in the first place). Their latest party trick is reciting lines from movies they've seen, in paticular the movie Robots. In the very last scene, Big Weld is talking into a microphone with an in-built echo. So the conversation goes like this:

BW: Ladies and Gentlebots
M: Bots..bots...bots...
BW: I came all ths way
M: way...way...way...
BW: (talking to microphone) Woud you cut that out? It's very distracting!
M: Oh. Sorry...sorry...sorry....

Listening to five year olds do this is hysterical, as they've got the inflection down pat, and they've got the funny voices, and their comedic timing is often funnier than the real thing. Their latest scene stealer is when Fender says, "Tastes like chick-en!" and then lays an egg and says, "Oh. I didn't know I could do that!" So the kids have been running around saying, (in a Rodney/vaguely black American voice), "Tastes like CHICK-EN!" They've started applying this to everything, and I will admit to getting in on the act. This afternoon I gave DD#2 a kiss on the nose and said to her, "Know what? Your nose Tastes Like Chick-En!" This, of course, ensued in five year old humour where absolutely everything Tastes Like Chicken. It was all fun and games until one of them said, "Penis! Tastes Like Chick-En!"

What, exactly, was I supposed to say to that?


Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Oh, that is priceless!!!

I don't think there is anything that you could respond - that would barely resemble something appropriate to say to a 5-year old. It's good you wrote it down so that you can remind them of it when they are ... 25!

I'm with you on the fake grass with sushi and soy sauce in a fish receptacle (your post in April). I've often asked myself the SAME question!!

Heidi said...

I just snorted tea out my nose. So undignified!

ROFL What a great age!