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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Single Parenting Update

The good news is, only 2 sleeps until DH comes home. The bad news is....well, there really is no bad news! The squids have been amazingly well behaved these past few weeks, which can only mean they are saving up their most irritating behaviour for when DH gets home. That is fine by me, because I can use the "but I was on my own with them and I coped just fine!" excuse that mothers use to make fathers feel inadequate and clueless. This post is short because I have actually gotten off my butt and done some household chores, and I need to keep going while the momentum is there. I figure another 14,572 loads of laundry between now and Tuesday night and I should find DS somewhere.

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chelley said...

1 sleep to go ! Is the house clean yet??? Is the bed ready? *weg*