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Sunday, November 15, 2009

About Scubs and Dogs

We had a pretty busy weekend here at Case Verde... on Friday DS went off to his first cub scout camp (or "scub camp"... in DS-speak, scouts+cubs=scubs). It's also the first time he's been separated from his sisters for any reasonable length of time - other than the odd sleepover at Nana's or something. I was none too happy about this, but I was interested to notice that I was MORE upset at the idea of them not sleeping in the same house than I was about him being away from home. Hmmm. I've never really bought into the whole "triplets as a unit" thing so I found that feeling rather curious. I would even say I've gone to great lengths to ensure that my kiddos are separate entities, so why the heck would I care if they had the chance to do something fabulous and yet separate? In the end I decided it's more about my being sad that they are growing up (and therefore a bit apart in activities) than it is about anything else.

The girls did not share my sentiment in the slightest. In fact one of them wished his bus would get stuck in traffic so he could never come home. I did laugh when we asked DD2 if she missed her brother at all, and she laughed and said, "NO WAY! A whole WEEKEND without boy cooties in the house is awesome! Well, except for yours, Dad. But your cooties are old so it's okay."

So this begs the question - the older the cooties, the less potent?

So while my little scub was doing things like finding dragons down a mine, and sliding down a water and deterget slippery slip into a pile of tan bark, the girls and DH and I had a weekend of adventures. On Saturday we went up Mount Dandenong to deliver a wedding cake. The venue was in the middle of an Edna Walling garden so we pottered around there, browsed through Olinda, and in general enjoyed that part of Melbourne (which is a favourite of mine.) On the way there I sent out a, "Who is up for a barbie?" text to some friends which meant we also had dinner at home with friends and cheese and sausages and noise (all favourites of mine.) Sunday we slept in, thanks to no basketball date with DS to get to (yay).

Today was spent in a paddock in a town called Seymour, home to the Victorian Greyhound Adoption Program - where we got Teddy from. It was their Xmas party and it was really amazing to see how many greys there were, what a nice feeling to think that many dogs have been saved! I, of course, wandered around wanting all the cute little small ones... while saying to DH, "NO, we cannot have another dog. NO, we cannot have another dog. NO, we cannot have another dog!" all while pining for some of the little cuties who needed a home.

We picked DS up from the bus and it's fair to say he was triumphant - managed to get home in one piece, totally filthy, and brimming over with excitement about his weekend in the woods. Really, what more can a parent ask for than happy, excited kids? (Except maybe kids who clean their rooms and do their chores without complaint.)

I love these kinds of weekends - filled with all sorts of stuff I love doing, with people I adore, and in a place I love. What did you get up to this weekend?

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Allen said...

I can only imagine what triplets. I love your blog!