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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Tales From Food Land

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from another cupcake company here in Melbourne. I won't say which company, I'll just say that the woman was really nice and her phone call actually did me a favour. So by virtue of her good deed I started out already liking her. Anyway we had a bit of a bitch and moan session about being cupcake makers, and all that involves - the clients who want "something simple" which requires a 10 minute explanation, the whole delivery dilemma (dilemma being that it's IMPOSSIBLE to find decent delivery dudes here), edible imaging, perspex stands and so on. We just really 'clicked' on the phone and so had a good ol' chat for about 20 minutes.

In that time she told me she's shortly going to be opening a retail store, because she's finding the bake-to-order business really difficult in terms of cash flow and profit-making. She also then proceeded to tell me that...

1) She hates most customers and 'doing all that people pleasing,'
2) She doesn't want to open 5 days a week but her husband is 'making' her do it,
3) She hates having to deal with the general public and
4) She will be very annoyed if someone comes in and buys "just one cupcake" and
5) She needs to start making money "from the minute we open" otherwise it won't be worth her investment in the shop.

Now that you guys know my feelings about food businesses and the mistakes people make, can you just IMAGINE the look on my face during this conversation? Yeah, now that take visual and make it to the power of ten.

Okay, let's take a poll. People who think she'll fail within 12 months, raise your hand.

Great, so that's all of you. Excellent. Good to know my blogging is teaching you something.


Sam said...

ha - I'm not taking that bet!!! Goodness gracious me!!

the baker's wife said...

But wouldn't it be great to have this woman's frowning, customer hating, scowling face as the image for a cupcake company. Ha ha! She could be like the soup nazi from Seinfeld- 'no cupcake for you!'

Love it. Her venture will succeed once she realises she hates people and gets someone else to serve customers for her.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

I love it, we totally need to do a Cupcake Nazi skit sometime... :)