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Friday, November 13, 2009


On Monday night DH and I went to a live performance of the American comedian Jeff Dunham. It's been a while since he and I have had a night out (which did not involve movies or children or both) so it was a real treat. I felt like a proper grown up since we had to shlep all the way into the city, walk to the Arts Centre and in general behave like normal people. (Shock horror, I had to wear something kinda decent, too.) Anyway Jeff was freakin' HILARIOUS and both of us laughed so much that my jaw literally hurt afterward. Great fun.

So here's the part I find pretty interesting (well, other than the guy at the end of the row, who has a ZZ Top style beard which went below his belly button...). At this show there were quite a few KIDS. Jeff's shows are great fun, yes, and they involve fun characters which kids would probably enjoy (if you've never heard of him, he's a ventriloquist). However, there is a lot of cursing, a fair amount of mention of sex and drugs, a splash of racism, and basically it's just that little bit off-colour. To be fair my kids have seen some of his videos... and they understand that it's humour and one should not run around screaming, "I KEEEL YOU!" in a vaguely Middle Eastern accent.

Now that said, it wasn't just the content which isn't kid-friendly. These kids were there on a MONDAY night. At 8pm. At a show which cost $80 PER TICKET.

Call me old fashioned, but I don't see the point of this. Just like I don't see the point of taking kids to really expensive shows late at night (although mind you, it was ME who fell asleep at the Lion King Broadway production.) Am I being a total stick in the mud here? I just don't think these kinds of places need kids at them - and it wouldn't occur to me to take my kids in the first place (although when they heard we were going, they were most annoyed at not being invited along.)

I'm not saying kids should not attend musical, comedy or cultural events. Next May is the trio's 9th birthday. As a family we decided not to do the party thing and instead to treat all of them to a showing of Mamma Mia! which is returning to Melbourne around that time.

It's going to cost me a small fortune. But it isn't late at night (matinee) on a school night (weekend) and it's not all about sex and drugs and rock and roll (okay, but maybe only the tiniest bit.) As DH said, it's kinda a whole different thing. Last night, though - was really just a seedy comedy club but on a grander scale. Not a kid place at all.

Opinions? Am I really just being unreasonable? Or maybe I'm just pissed off at having spent a fortune to escape my kids for the night... only to have to be around other people's kids...

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