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Friday, November 20, 2009

Because My Life is Exciting

Today I had a woman from a dairy company come and interview me about how the businesses uses dairy products - how much, how often, what suppliers, etc. I'm actually one of those geeks who is happy to do that kind of survey because I believe that ultimately, we are all better served by "big business" knowing what it is that little business wants. I actually believe this across the board - so when those survey guys call at home I don't hang up on them. I've been in focus groups, done 'vox pop' interviews on the street and so on.

I'd like to believe I do this because I am a concerned, involved citizen. In reality I do it because I have an inflated sense of self and think everyone should hear my opinion.

That, and usually I get free stuff for doing it. Today was a $60 gift card to a local department store. I *should* go and buy myself some clothes. Instead, I'm going to buy my daughters some undies. Because I can't handle seeing their little butt cracks anymore.

Yes, my life is really that exciting.

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your blog is good,
I like you!