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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Eye Candy

It's been a while since I've posted any cake photos, so I thought I'd amuse you all with some sweet treats. All of these were done in the last couple of weeks:

A really simple design which looks lovely (IMHO anyway!). This is the one we delivered to Mt Dandenong.

This is the INSIDE of the luau cake below - the customer wanted something with WOW factor so we gave her a rainbow cake. I thought it was just stunning - and tasted good, too. I'm debating if I should add this to our list of regular flavours.

Luau cake - for a 13 year old, so we wanted something fun and yet a little bit grown up.

Mountain climber cake - supposedly where this guy hikes it's green all year round and yet snows... when we finished it, the top had a giant Hawthorn Hawks flag on top (which you can't see in this pic.)

Farmyard scene - for a grandfather and granddaughter sharing a party. The haystacks are cupcakes and the animals are all marzipan. My favourite are the little royal icing ducks in the pond and the pigs playing in the mud. :)


LSM said...

I like them all, but my favorite is the luau cake--especially with the surprise of the rainbow cake inside.

Rachel said...

Fabulous! Love the rainbow Luau cake!
R x

Christine said...

Gorgeous! The luau cake is my favorite too. But I also like the first one - lovely.

Heidi said...

The rainbow cake is wild! Serious WOW factor. You should definitely add it to your list of regular flavors.

Mmmm...marzipan is my weakness.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

As for marzipan... I don't think we can be friends anymore, Heidi. Marzipan is ICKY!! :) (But I know plenty of people who love it, esp those from European backgrounds.)


Anonymous said...

That rainbow cake is SO FRICKEN COOL! And I love your little duckies. :0) -Your awesome neice.